Coastal, Ocean and Arctic Systems

Title Author 1 Affiliation Author 2 Author 3
Global Cooling Francois Poirier Ordre des ingénieurs du Quebec    

Ecological Engineering

Title Author 1 Affiliation Author 2 Author 3
Global CoolingDevelopment of a sustainable process to reduce carbon dioxide emissions using anaerobic treatment Najmeh Abedi Concordia University Catherine Mulligan Laleh Yerushalmi

Energy Systems

Title Author 1 Affiliation Author 2 Author 3
Osmotic Energy for Generating Electricity and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Remote Regions of Quebec Jonathan Maisonneuve Concordia University Pragasen Pillay  
Cosine Model of Flicker Due to Vertical Wind Shear in a Wind Turbine Sited on a Building Datta Chavan Pune University; Army Institute of Technology, India Parashuram Balwant Karandikar  
Computation of Flicker Due to Vertical Wind Shear in a Wind Turbine Mounted on a Hill with Cosine Approach Datta Chavan Pune University; Army Institute of Technology, India Parashuram Balwant Karandikar  
Microwave Hydrothermal Carbonization of Seafood Waste to Generate Hydrochar and Bio-Oil Shrikalaa Kannan McGill University Yvan Gariépy Vijaya Raghavan
Microrefinery Unit (MRU) for Green-Diesel and Power Cogeneration Cristian Neagoe Polytechnique Montreal Seyed Mahdi Jazayeri Daria Boffito
Thorium - The Greenest Nuclear Energy Paul Frenger Rice University    
Using Ultrafiltration and Sand Filters as Two Pretreatment Methods for Improvement of the Osmotic Power (Salinity Gradient Energy) Generation Process Elham Abbasi-Garravand Concordia University Catherine Mulligan Claude Laflamme
Canadian future energy systems modelling Md. Alam Hossain Mondala University of Alberta Amit Kumar  
Energy Efficiency Measures in Canada’s Iron and Steel Industry Alireza Talaeia University of Alberta Amit Kumar  
The Identification of Energy Efficient Technologies to Mitigate GHG Emissions in Alberta’s Mining Sector Saeidreza Radpoura University of Alberta Amit Kumar Veena Subramanyama
Investigation of GHG mitigation opportunities in Alberta’s residential sector Veena Subramanyama University of Alberta Amit Kumar  
Assessment of Archimedes Screw Power Generation Potential in Ontario Andrew Kozyn University of Guelph William D. Lubitz  
Optimization of domestic hot water tank equipped with phase change materials Mohammadreza Nabavitabatabayi Concordia University Alain Moreau  

Infrastructure and Buildings

Title Author 1 Affiliation Author 2 Author 3
Alternative Cooling Systems for Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings Michal Bejček Czech Technical University, Prague    
Adaption Options for Building Infrastructure in Northern India in View of Changing Climate Abhimanyu Pamnani Malaviya National Institute of Technology, India    
Analysis of the Effect of Climate Change on the Reliability of Overhead Transmission Lines Seyedeh Nasim Rezaei McGill University Luc Chouinard Frederic Legeron (Sherbrooke University, Canada)
An Integrated Facility for Organic Waste Recycling and Greenhouse Crop Production James Bambara, M.A.Sc. Concordia University Andreas Athienitis, Ph.D.  
Impact of Climate Change on Civil Infrastructure –
A State-of-the-Art Review
Muhammad Shafqat Ali McGill University Saeed Mirza  
Assessing Climate Change Risk to Stormwater & Wastewater Infrastructure Peter Nimmrichter Amec Foster Wheeler Ron Scheckenberger  
Improving the efficiency of a district heating system by shifting the peak load using thermal storage inside a building Behrang Talebi   Arash Bastani Parham Mirzaei Ahran


Title Author 1 Affiliation Author 2 Author 3
Very-Large-Scale Simulation of Two Turbine Cascade Flow with Free Stream Turbulence Xiaohua Wu      
Verification Study on Thin-walled Pressure Vessel Using Finite Elements Method and ASME Codes   Ali Reza Hassan Beiglou Concordia University  Ali Fellah Jahromi (Concordia University, Canada)
The Development of Tools for the Assessment of GHG Mitigation Options for Alberta’s Pulp and Paper Sector Hafiz Umar Shafique University of Alberta Amit Kumar  

Mitigation, Adaptation and Risk Management

Title Author 1 Affiliation Author 2 Author 3
Metallurgical Coal Replacement and Vehicle Weight Reduction Compared Nigel Fitzpatrick Scalable Engineering for Mitigation    
Indoor Environment Ozone and Climate Change Lexuan Zhong Concordia University Chang-Seo Lee (Researcher, Canada) Fariborz Haghighat
A Methodology for Identifying Critical Components in Physical Infrastructure Abdullah Alsubaie King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Saudia Arabia Khaled Alutaibi (The University of British Columbia, Canada) Jose R. Marti (The University of British Columbia, Canada)
A Novel Design of an Actively-Aerated Methane Biofilter: Effect of Oxygen Injection Levels on Biofilter Performance Hasti Farrokhzadeh University of Calgary    
Two stage membrane system for post-combustion CO2 capture application Arshad Hussain National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan S. Farrukh  
Acacia catechu tree based climate smart traditional agricultural system of Bangladesh as an approach towards climate change mitigation and adaptation M. A. Kabir   A. S. M. I. Hossain R. Nandi
Disasters Risk Mitigation and Management Nezih Mrad Defence Research and Development Canada    
Urban vegetation planting for urban heat island mitigation in Toronto Umberto Berardi Ryerson University    

Modelling and Analysis

Title Author 1 Affiliation Author 2 Author 3
Photo-oxidation of Ketones on TiO2/SiO2 Catalyst in
Fluidized Beds
Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh University of Tehran, Iran    
2-D Simulation of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Gabriel Naccache Concordia University Abilash Krishnan Marius Paraschivoiu
An Improved New Design Proposed for Increasing Performance of Savonius
Wind Turbines
Patrick Larin Concordia University Marius Paraschivoiu  
Urban Wind Resource Assessment in Changing Climate: Case Study Djordje Romanic University of Western Ontario Ashkan Rasouli (WindEEE Research Institute, Canada) Horia Hangan (University of Western Ontario; WindEEE Research Institute, Canada)
3D Analysis of Building Mounted VAWT with Diffuser-Shaped Shroud Abilash Krishnan Concordia University Marius Paraschivoiu  
Evaluation of empirical methods for estimating potential evaporation values in northeast France Kátia Vanessa Bicalho Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech, France Larissa Camporez Araujo Bruno Teixeira Dantas
Multi-objective optimization approaches applied to a residential solar combisystem Anthonyrey Raduzmeureanu Concordia University    
Interdependency Modeling of Critical Infrastructures Nezih Mrad Defence Research and Development Canada    
A simulation study of the effects of street tree planting on Urban Heat Island mitigation in Montreal Yupeng Wang Concordia University Hashem Akbari  

Net Zero Energy Buildings and Communities

Title Author 1 Affiliation Author 2 Author 3
Energy Performance of a Solar Mixed-Use Community Caroline Hachem-Vermette University of Calgary Eduard Cubi Joule Bergerson

Policies, Strategic Planning, and Education Programs

Title Author 1 Affiliation Author 2 Author 3
Examining the Relationship Between Climate Change Risk Perceptions and the Implementation of Climate-Related Policies Shireen Aslam University of Waterloo    
How Nuclear Energy is Important in Reducing Climate Change Pauline Watson Canadian Nuclear Society    
A Free On-Line Resource for Teaching University Courses on Climate Change Jason Donev University of Calgary    
Climate Change and Sustainable Living in Remote Communities David G Malcolm Malcom and Associates    
Subsurface Utility Engineering –Utility Coordination (SUE-UC) Proper planning causing the Reduce Reuse Recycle (RRR) effect on projects Ophir Wainer T2 Utility Engineers    
Institut québécois du carbone :
an innovative research institute bringing together technical and policy expertise
Mark Purdon (University of Montreal) The London School of Economical and Political Science Simon-Philippe Breton (Uppsala University) David Houle, University of Toronto
The Political Economy of Quebec & California’s Carbon Market* David Houle University of Toronto Erick Lachapelle (University of Montreal) Mark Purdon (University of Montreal)
Phasing Out Fossil Fuels:
Can Quebec Take the Example of Denmark?*
Simon-Philippe Breton Uppsala University, Sweden Louis-Étienne Boudreault (Technical University of Denmark) Bernard Saulnier (Institut de recherche d’Hydro-Québec, 1977-2006)

Smart Grid and Climate Change Issues

Title Author 1 Affiliation Author 2 Author 3
Centralized-Decentralized Control of Responsive Demand to Enable Primary and 10-min Reserves Mohamed Chakir Université Laval Innocent Kamwa (Hydro-Québec/IREQ, Canada) Hoang Le-Huy (Laval University, Canada)
Multi-Agent Supervisory Control for Optimal Economic Dispatch in DC Microgrids Amr Hamad University of Waterloo Ehab El-Saadany  
A novel technology to improve grid frequency response on electrical power system with high level of renewable generation penetration Simon Jasmin Systemex Industries Gill Trudel Simon Jasmin
Optimal network storage for marginal loss reduction at Hydro-Québec Martin de Montigny Hydro Quebec Ali Moeini Innocent Kamwa
The Power Simulator (SimP) –
a Research and Testing Infrastructure
Richard Gagnon Hydro Quebec Pierre Giroux Yves Brissette
Optimal Coordination of Wind and Hydro Reservoirs for Increasing Amounts of Wind Power : Reliability and Economics J. B. Mogo Université Laval J. Cros I. Kamwa
Diesel Generator Set Model for Microgrid Parameters Assessment Tommy Andy Theubou Tameghe Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue René Wamkeue Innocent Kamwa (Hydro-Québec/IREQ, Canada)
Analysis and Model Predictions of a Flywheel Energy Storage System for Microgrid Applications Tommy Andy Theubou Tameghe Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue René Wamkeue Innocent Kamwa (Hydro-Québec/IREQ, Canada)
Increasing the Limits of Allowed Distributed Generations by Volt-VAR Control Hamed Ahmadi University of British Columbia Jose R. Marti  
Changing the Operations Paradigm When Integrating Renewable Energy Sources Into a Power System Nickie Menemenlis Hydro-Québec/IREQ, Canada Maurice Huneault Gilles Ratel
The Case for a TransCanada Energy Link; an Incremental Approach Guy Van Uytven Bowman Centre, Canada Peter Smith  

Transportation Technologies and Systems

Title Author 1 Affiliation Author 2 Author 3
SEAAMlessTM mobility Catherine Kargas Marcon    
The Development of a LEAP Model to Assess GHG Mitigation Scenarios in Alberta’s Transportation Sector Veena Subramanyama University of Alberta Amit Kumar  

Water Resources Engineering and Management

Title Author 1 Affiliation Author 2 Author 3
Future Water Budget Projections in Mississippi Rideau Watershed Region Sobhalatha Kunjikutty Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority    
Effect of climate change on reference evapotranspiration based on weighting methods Mohammad Javad Zareian   Saeid Eslamian Alireza Eslamian
The Development of a Water-Energy Nexus Model for the Power and Petroleum Sectors Anum Fahim Dara University of Alberta Amit Kumar  
Analysis of the rubber dam structure installed at coastal areas. Liton Chandra      
Storm Surge along the East Coast and Climate Change Aditya Subramanian McGill University Luc Chouinard Norberto C. Nadal-Caraballo